When time and time again women (young and old) come forward to say that they have found truth in the words of radical feminists who have spoken of the inherent violence of ‘sex’ – the domination and control that the violence of PIV visits not only upon their bodies but their psyches – that they come out to say that they always doubted their own instincts, that they thought there was something wrong with them until they found other women who know (and share logically and without compunction) the same experience, there is evidence of truth.

Truth is simple and easily stands by itself unless there are forces acting against it, to muddy it up, to change the definition.  In this case, the radical feminist truth regarding the very basis of female oppression by men via a global culture of PIV defined as ’sex’ and the erasure of  its violence to female bodies, has been long been considered tantamount to treason.  Yet there remain women and men who do not embrace this evident truth who continue to take on the guise of Radical Feminist.

Radical feminism has been muddied and redefined to mean anything other than men’s domination of women based on ’sex’.  Radical feminism has been, again, reduced to very little more than saying the vast majority of rape (‘non-consensual sex‘) is perpetrated by men and that men (or more commonly: people) are failing to do enough to stop it.  Radical feminism in the hands of the liberal/progressive female mainstream is nothing but simple reformism, believing that men will… somehow… change their ways.  In the hands of the liberal/progressive ’radical feminist men’, it’s sex-positivity coupled with ’gender equality’.

And reformism would be laudable if the goal was to eradicate PIV defined as ’sex’ – that no woman or girl would ever be in any way prone to believing that she was supposed to engage in any thought or action related to male defined ‘sexuality’, that no woman or girl would ever be subjected to any thought or action based on ’sex’ – but it is not.  Reform is based in believing that the current global structure can be modified and that based on those modifications we then have more ‘choices’.  How can the modification of a culture that associates the mere talk of PIV as violence-against-women as something to be dismissed as crazy, violent or, in the best of circumstances, something to be tolerated as a personal ‘choice‘ that is ‘different than yours’ bring about the liberation of women from men?  It can’t.

Reformism can not have a place in the demise of PIV as ‘sex’ and, thereby, the liberation of women and girls from domination by men.  Reformism is crazy-making for women, it is gaslighting and simple denial of the vast powers at play in the patriarchal/political/social matrix of men’s domination. To say that not all men benefit from the world-wide epidemic of sex/violence against women and girls or that it’s your choice to be sexual with ’good’ men is not being honest.




4 thoughts on “Self-Evident

  1. Ha! I started writing this a few days ago and sort of forgot about it… I thought I had more to say but, whatever.

    Maybe someone can help me out here? 🙂

  2. One reaction I had to this was the utter freedom some women feel when they hear it spoken. Even if we are not free from the physical threat that is ever present, we can know, upon hearing that PIV is not the natural order of things, that all the lies fed to us were lies. There is an important mental freedom that comes from this. It changes everything. All the fairy-tale endings of romance, for instance. Just lies. What a relief. No need to live that script ever again. This is true for women who see themselves as heterosexual, but also for women who are lesbians and see themselves as fitting a het model for things like romance, etc. Who want to get married for romance, for fitting in.

    I liked your point about reformism. If there is reform toward truth that is very different than something called reform that is based in bending the truth toward a lie, compromising the truth. Reformism as we know it is just rearranging a system of lies and calling it new and claiming progress toward a goal. But what is the goal? That is ill-defined unless you are a radical feminist.

  3. At the risk of sounding like a mentally ill, flawed, vile, man-hating, humorless, polarizing, crazy, clap-trappish, female controlling, nut-casey, looney, equally disturbing, neurotic, atypical, traumatized, male-controlling-female controlling, emotionally detached, demanding, certifiable, I tend-not-to-hang-out-with-folks-who-are-routinely-outraged-about-anything, (except my boyfriends) kinda gal, WAIT!….those aren’t MY words. Those words are from a liberal, politically progressive website.

  4. “Reformism as we know it is just rearranging a system of lies and calling it new and claiming progress toward a goal.”

    Right, Word Woman. That was exactly the point I was pondering when I wandered away from this post. Thank you for stating it so simply 🙂

    And yes, just the simple freedom of thought that comes with knowing you’re not alone in your truth is truly powerful (on an individual level at least) no matter a woman’s life circumstance – at least we can be more free, if only inside our own heads.

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