Attack, attackattackattack!

It’s on all over again.  And again, again.

Butch “bretheren” and *you can’t speak for me!* and reading comprehension FAILS that… astound.

Young women saying the same things that old women were saying long before they were born and washing, rinsing, repeating.



5 thoughts on “Attack, attackattackattack!

  1. By which I mean to say: some of us aren’t there yet and some of us have already been there.

    It’s hard, I know, but give a sister room to move without beating the crap out of her OR yourself.

  2. It was only a matter of time until this one exploded.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

  3. It was a phrase I read at a Butch woman’s blog. And I thought it odd given that we (radfems – you’ll excuse if I self-identify) try not to be tied to gender norms. In that same post were the words “humiliating feminine” clothing. Again, my observation from a my radical feminist perspective and nothing more.

    BTW: I read Allecto’s post and thought it… shallow but well-intentioned. I read your post and thought it… a little over the top but understandable. BUT those are my opinions. I chose not to comment on either of your posts because I had nothing to say about them.

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