Separate Amongst Us

Thirteen years ago today a girl was born into this world.

She is not mine or ours.

She belongs only to herself.

Happy Birthday Little Sister, we love you always.


9 thoughts on “Separate Amongst Us

  1. referring to your (daughter) as “little sister” is one of the most beautiful things i have ever heard. honestly. i would like to change “daughter” to “little sister” permanently but no one would ever know what i was talking about, probably including you, unless i gave some kind of signal that i intended it to mean the way YOU mean it.

    happy birthday.

  2. It was good to see Weirdward’s comment on Cherry’s latest post (which is one of the finest I have ever read) in which she reminds us that so much (all?) of this post-modern junk had it’s roots in radfem/serious feminist analysis. The reason I say so is because I feel very strongly about *individualism* yet the concept has been so skewed it‘s become a Bad Thing.

    Because I am female I have been told all my life that I belong to someone always and that idea has pissed me off ever since I can remember. We are forever living under somebody else’s expectations of what we are supposed to be or do and that is WRONG – just deeply, seriously WRONG.

    And there is something that I picked up from an unschooling mom that really solidified my thinking about females, especially girls, as individual people: she likened children to visitors in a strange land where they don’t know the language or customs but of course they aren’t stupid and have the clearest mind with which to learn. Ideally, as older people more experienced in this world, we serve as *guides* and *guardians* from harm but allow the stranger to find their own way of relating and learning and be-ing in this new world because their survival depends on it…

    It is plain that patriarchy has used this same model to enslave females by being their *guides* and *guardians* (barf) but in the hands of serious liberationists it IS a tool that can be used to dismantle the Master’s House piece by INDIVIDUAL piece.

  3. And if we forget they belongs only to themselves, they’re sure to remind us! Enjoy the teenage years haha! 🙂
    [Don’t know why I’m laughing. My daughter’s teens are looming]

  4. We have to encourage their true autonomy and if that means taking some shit from the Kid then so be it! I’m no shrinking violet meself you know. 🙂

    They’re our only hope…

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