“Radical feminism opposes patriarchy, not men. To equate radical feminism to man-hating is to assume that patriarchy and men are inseparable, philosophically and politically.”

Thank you, Jone.

“To both classes of radical feminism [radical-libertarian/radical-cultural], men should be educated about women, and shown that their attitudes are detrimental to women. Only after this could men and women band together to change patriarchy.”

 Thank you, Maureen.   

“Radical feminists aim to improve the status of women by focusing on legislative reforms.”

Thank you, Alice.

“A hate-speech movement which aims to eliminate the rights of men and non-feminist women and deny people the freedom of speech. Adherents of the movement use the actions of men and an imaginary “patriarchy” as an excuse for why there lives are so pathetic and unfulfilled.”

Thank you, anonymous Urban Dictionary Dude.

“The radical feminists ideology is, ‘A male-based authority and power structure and that it is responsible for oppression and equality, and that as long as the system and its values are in place, and society will not be able to be reformed in any significant way.’”

Thank you, Lucy.

“For all intents and purposes, radical and gender feminism are the same thing. […] The radicals are quite extreme in their man-hating, and many have abandoned men altogether for a political lesbianism. Many have hatred of men that can only be considered pathological or extreme.”

Thank you, Robert.





  1. oh dear.

    i think the biggest (deliberate) misunderstanding is that “feminists” really are patriarchy-compliant, yes we really are, we really are, we really are, dont worry! (e.g. this is what a feminist looks like, feminists are pretty, feminists shave, feminists love men unconditionally) uh, thats not feminism. feminists *really are* patriarchy non-compliant on some level. in this case, the rumors? ALL TRUE.

  2. Right, since when did radical mean *we have to work with men so they understand that they are not nice to women*?

    What I find hilarious about this first page google search (I excluded the wiki page because it’s obvious that some level-headed women are keeping an eye on that) is that all the *women* are saying that radical feminists REALLY DON’T HATE MEN!!1! and the brahs are insisting that we do because we are all ugly, bitter women who can’t get laid. It’s all so stupidly obvious and oh, so 1890s 🙂

    Just generally speaking, Loving! someone does not mean that they will love you back. How many times do women have to be kicked in the face before *we* understand that?

    (jesus: wash, rinse, repeat)

  3. News flash – radical feminism is none of these statements. Radical feminism is about women’s liberation from male domination. See how easy it was to say that – but men’s feelings will be upset because world revolves around men and their interests;rights;demands apparently!

  4. Here’s the official definition from way back when:

    Radical feminism confronts women’s oppression with a revolutionary analysis (as distinguished from reform) that goes to the root causes of male domination, defines men as responsible for and gaining from women’s subordination, and focuses on sisterhood and women’s bonding. The personal politics of radical feminism, which emphasizes sexual and reproductive exploitation of women, focuses on the commonality of women’s condition across class and race as well as cultures and national boundaries.

    It’s then mentions gender politics being RF politics (transjactivists weren’t a fart in the wind yet) and how RFs draw lines between biologically-determined behavior and culturally-determined behavior. Separatistism and Lesbian Feminism are also touched on.

  5. Finding this at Spark Notes left me was pleasantly surprised:

    “Radical feminism: Cutting-edge branch of feminism focused on sweeping social reforms, social change, and revolution. Argues against institutions like patriarchy, heterosexism, and racism and instead emphasizes gender as a social construction, denouncing biological roots of gender difference. Often paves the way for other branches of feminism.”

    [Not too shabby, for an attempted shortest possible synopsis.]

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