In solidarity with the FEMALE RIGHT TO SPEAK!


*You know, the kind that are among the oppressed sex class and are subjected to rape the second they are born and have periods, and can get pregnant, and are real, not delusional expressions.

GallusMag Says:

January 19, 2013 at 3:41 pm

As some of you may know, my posting access to my GenderTrender blog was suspended at the end of the business day on Friday January 18. My last post, on Friday morning, was a collection of screen caps: a random sampling of the abusive and threatening tweets directed at Suzanne Moore following her “SEEING RED: THE POWER OF FEMALE ANGER” article re-publication.

Prior to Friday morning’s post I did five controversial posts in succession:

1.) I outed an MD and Phd who threatened to murder a bunch of radical feminists, also specifically targeting myself and Cathy Brennan. 1/10/2013 FRI

2.) I posted the text of Professor Sheila…

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