Going Out of Business

Because the issues which caused me to become interested in and involved with radfem blogging (the brilliant piv analysis/criticism that FCM was doing, the beginnings of a networking toward cultivation of new female-only spaces and a *return* to a more second wave sensibility) have all but disappeared in favor of focusing entirely on men who claim to be girls/women/female/feminist/lesbian.

Men claim to be all sorts of things and no measure of focusing on them and their fantasies has ever changed the men themselves.  Here, again, almost everyone has fallen into the what-about-the-men trap, squandering powerful gynergy on an attempt to reason with the unreasonable.  The singular approach that has not been taken up with any seriousness for (arguably) centuries is a steadfast female separatism, an orchestrated parallel economy forged by women and girls worldwide; a truly radical resolution and one that I intend to focus my gynergy on underground where men cannot derail us as they have done so successfully over these past months.



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