Will DU Still Talk About Me When I’m Gone?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Hello Ruby, Warren and all the rest of you whom I not-so-affectionately label the Moron Posse and *welcome* to my backwater blog.

I see that you have figured out that I am indeed an independent feminist, and a radical one even, to add to your collection of evil women to churn with rage over.  Well, I use “figured out” rather loosely seeing as how Iverglas had to serve the link to this blog to you on a silver platter, proving yet again that y’all are really, really good at lying about all the sleuthing you do to out trolls and disruptors when in fact you’re too lazy and entitled to even bother.  Lies are truth.  Up is down.  Black is white – or does saying that make me a racist too?  

OMG!!1!  She’s a puppet!!1!  OMG11!1 She broke DU rulezzzz!!1!  OMG!!2! She’s “a transphobic” and a bigot!!2!

No, the simple fact is that I am a:  female sexed woman, female assigned at birth, female socialized to be a girl, then a woman by the patriarchal world order.  Furthermore I care about females first, most and always to the exclusion of males and I am not afraid to say so.

And Jesus Christ, the way all of your heads explode.  The way you all grasp at whatever lies you can dream up to explain away the fact that there are women who do not kowtow to males out of fear or habit or socialization.  It is pathetic to watch adults of both sexes completely melt down in the face of simple truths.  What on Earth are you so afraid of?

And as for deleting comments?  You and I both know that not a single one of you has dared make a comment at this blog.  Gee, I wonder why??? 

And that, as they say, is all; back to your regularly scheduled fantasy life.