Equal Protection Under the *Law* – DUh Style

Because we like to keep an eye on the Moron Posse over at Democratic Underground, we were most happy to see that one of its most notorious, egregious, MRA misogynists had been banned.  Finally.  But ach, Dutch Liberal, we hardly knew ye!

What could be worse than a malicious stalker insisting that it’s perfectly acceptable to call women stupid whores, cunts, bitches (for example) on a daily basis you ask???

“This is the rule I go by: you have a penis, you’re a man.  You have a vagina, you’re a woman.  I don’t think that’s transphobic.”

Buh bai Dutch Liberal!  Thanks for flying Transphobe Airways!  And please remember next time to stow your trans*hate neatly under your seat!!




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