But What About The Fathers?!

You make me giggle, Human Dignity

Yes, I’m sure you’ve been witness to many, many Men killing themselves over having to take responsiblity for their actions.  Cowards. 

As a woman, I know better than most how scary and gut-wrenching it is to wonder how (even though I worked full-time in front of a hot grill – true story!) I was going to feed my one child, let alone myself AND keep a roof over our heads.  But unlike a lot of Men in the same situation, I didn’t think that the best solution to the problem was to murder my child’s other parent and myself.  I also saw no use in wandering around the internet whining about it to any MRA who would listen. (I kid – listening to baybees whine is a laydee job that I’d never, never, ever expect a Real Man to lower himself to!)

I’ve excerpted the following though because it pretty much sums up the whole MRA mind-set in one (semblance of a) paragraph – the entire missive is a tad long to reprint in its entirety:

We are filling up prisons with men that have half of their chedk taken away and expect men to live on the rest and be loving fathers when they have to steal to pay child support men are going to jail in Florida all over Florida to pay child support. What are they getting in return nothing .No sex .No affordable housing , nothing and to make matters worse their are no job that pay a man enough to live on our manfacturing jobs are paying crap . If a child can not live on $7.50 how can a man . The Mens Right Movement is about Fathers Rights , Child Support Issues and equality its not about violence   

Isn’t that what it’s really all about, Human Dignity?  That part I took the liberty of bolding?  Sticking your dick into a female person (and possibly impregnating her) is more important than having a place to live and, by God, any woman who *takes* anything from you better bend over and love it?  Don’t even get me started on the World Class Reversal of *men stealing to pay child support* – the last time I saw Men stealing things, it wasn’t diapers and food.

Look, brother, we’ve got you coming and going.  I know you think you are a fucking gift to the planet and that everything you ever wanted (sticking your dick into females for YOUR gratification) should be handed to you on a silver platter, but guess what?  It’s not OUR fault that you believe this stupid, bullshit lie (rich, powerful) MEN laid on you.

Radical Feminists are the only people telling you the TRUTH and you have the nerve to lecture us about how hard life is.  Do the world a favor? 

Take it up with YOUR KIND.


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  1. Hi PW 🙂

    I have no idea who this dude is. Just woke up a couple of days ago to his lengthy whine about teh poor menz.

    (edited that (dot) into your comment – hope you don’t mind)

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