Um, Hello? Planned Parenthood, Toronto?

As a female who has relied on Planned Parenthood for any number of biological female-related medical conditions in the past and who has been a vociferous supporter and financial donor in the United States, I find your branch’s sponsorship of the “Cotton Ceiling” workshop scheduled for your upcoming Pleasures and Possibilities Conference incredibly disturbing.

The decision to include what appears to be nothing more than a workshop aimed at how to best shame Lesbians into accommodating male-born, transgendered persons’ sexual desires is in direct opposition to female-born persons’ physical, emotional and sexual autonomy.

It is every female’s Human Right to say NO, not only to unwanted sexual advances but to anything that impedes her ability to live freely and if Planned Parenthood, Toronto follows through on supporting this ill-conceived workshop, then it is in agreement that females have no right to their own bodies and minds.

It is as simple as that. I implore you to reconsider your support of the Cotton Ceiling workshop.

Thank You,
[Redacted RadFem], Wisconsin – USA

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