That about says it all and at this point in time I’m not sure if it’s the kind of burnt that you can scrape off with a butter knife and have something left that isn’t just a pile of black crumbs in the sink.

So while I’m contemplating that, I’ll leave you all with this thought: my opinions aren’t worth the electricity it takes to share them and in the end they don’t really matter anyhow.

I am a woman after all.



8 thoughts on “Burnt

  1. I am one old piece of burnt toast. So are human females for that matter, although most of them are still in the toaster getting overdone. But there’s no way to pop out of the toaster, or turn it off.

  2. Hi Davina and Smash! *waves* ‘Bout time I let y’all out of mod 🙂

    Yeah, a bit shit time of it is just about right. That DUh thing, the ferocity and swiftness of the reaction, was way more than even I expected and it knocked the wind out of me. It’s also served to make very, very clear to me that female people are in waaaaay hotter water than I thought we were with the trans*vasion. Then on top of that I read some junk semi-written by a redfem about how separatists are mean and stuff and since no comments are allowed I’m not able to engage in a discussion as an individual who happens to be a separatist. Silenced at every turn 😦

    Yes, Mary, we are toast and I sure do wish that someone would come along with a non-conductive fork and pluck us out.

  3. I can relate. Living on a misogynistic planet tends to have that effect.

    Oh, and I’m always amused by idiots who say RadFems (separatist or otherwise) are “mean”. Mean? Compared to whom? Funny how I never seem to see any RadFem killing people, raping people and/or inciting war. Men get a free pass for all the fucking vile shit they do, but if a RadFem dares to blog (or merely exist), a great crime has been committed. A crime that, evidently, is far more deserving of criticism than the atrocities carried out by the male sex before our very eyes. All things considered, I find it curiously suspect that few people ever ask “What the hell is wrong with men…and how can it be fixed?”.

    But hey, nevermind the really sick shit that’s truly destroying our society…a RadFem said something mean on the internet! Chaaaaarge!111!! o_O

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