Female Only Space? What’s That?


Normally I don’t talk much about idiots (male people) but I thought I’d share this little story with you all:

A couple of months ago Chonky advised me that one of the *feminists* at faux-gressive dudebro site, Democraticunderground dot com, was again doing battle with said faux-gressive dudebros and suggested that I break my promise to myself never to return to that dump in order that I might catch a sister‘s back.

I don’t remember now what the issue was (rape culture does too exist, or some such) but having been familiar with this woman for a number of years, we could see that she had grown quite a lot in her feminism. So Sargasso Sea’s semi-identical cousin, Feldspar, donned her hip-highs and waded back into the muck of malestream politics.


And although Feldspar claims to have more patience for stupid dude talk than her radical cousin, even she could barely handle the insipid level of what passes as “argument” or “debate” so she really only made an appearance when absolutely necessary. But, yesterday this woman (we’ll call her Blackjack) announced that she was relinquishing her position as host of the Feminist group and leaving the site all together. Many pleaded with her to stay, many understood her frustration because they were struggling themselves, but only Feldspar actively encouraged her to pack her shit and GO, move on, you’re too big for this now, there’s another world waiting for you!  A world of opportunity and adventure in the dude-free colonies!

Also, just to mention, this Feminist group is lumped in under the banner of “Gender and Orientation” so that it is in the fine company of the LGBTQAWTFBBQ Group and the oh, so under-represented minority class, “Men’s Group”. You heard me right; one guess as to who feels like it’s well within their rights to come to Feminist space to educate the “ladies” about Feminism and then demand to be educated as to why “ladies” is not acceptable in Feminist space?


11 thoughts on “Female Only Space? What’s That?

  1. Oh, that wacky Feldspar (green feldspar is called Amazonite, by the by) has just been censored for saying, “trans*(sexual/gender)” within the context of *patriarchal collaborators*…

    Tsk, tsk.

    UPDATE: not just censored, but banned. Oh. the. shock.

  2. Feldspar has a lot of fortitude to be able to wade into the thick of that pukeswamp.

    Dude-free is the only way to go. I just cleaned FB house yesterday, putting all the men in a separate group and unsubscribing from their status updates. Now I get only women in my newsfeed. Ahhhhhhhh, the sweet timber of un-mansplaining, un-dudebro, un-faux-feminist-progressive-dudebro LadyTalk.

  3. My sources tell me that the *feminist* space at DUh has shaken out exactly as we thought it would in that transactivisit-types (even though many have zero idea what they’re talking about; no analysis here, just loving them some trans* because it’s the latest in designer gender gadgetry) and an assortment of men are now in full control of Feminism at yet another liberal progressive political venue.

  4. Good God. I’ve been looking at DU and it seems to have turned into some kind of nightmare website (not that it was ever great.). People reporting on each other, taking votes on whether posts should stand or not. Keeping track of people’s “alerts” publicly. Who would feel free to express an opinion there?

  5. Gee! Wow! There’s a whole new group called Feminism & Diversity now! Intersectionality!

    So the trans weren’t happy with the entire alphabet soup group and the feminist group and and having the full support of the MRA group (which is just soooo progressive!) they needed a special group where it’s made very clear that GENDER and RACE is what feminism is about.

    Not females.

    Thanks fellas.

  6. i love feldspar. 🙂 glad someone is there to encourage women to take the leap. its not easy, these things do pass as “community” for many people, and parts of them are to be missed upon leaving these sites. but the cognitive dissonance in places like that, for anyone with a feminist or even feminist-lite consciousness is brutal. too bad theres no “community” in radfemland either, but thats for another day. at least cognitively it makes sense why theres not: bc of internalized misogyny. its sad that thats preferable to the other spaces, but it is. and at least here, you are free to explore and write (pretty much) what you really think, and delete comments at will. yay?

  7. According to a mighty DUh troll slayer Feldspar, Sera Bellum (Chonky) and some other banned member by the handle of Survivorista (?) are all one “Hydra” who is really a man who is *a transphobic* and not a radical feminist, nor a lesbian because – wait for it – they all have the same IP. Everyone is congratulating themselves on being so sharp.

    Except Feldspar and Sera used proxies (had to – been banned so many times!) and have no flipping IDEA who Survivorista is/was. 🙂

    Oh and the new Feminism & Diversity Group? 5 of the 6 “Hosts” are male.

  8. Again, let us remember that this whole thing started because Feldspar answered the sincere *why are some women here SO mean to other women* question honestly.

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