Not-So Dude-Free Thursday

Just yesterday I was thinking about this post, about how I would put it up today, that in the future (after the initial series) I could do a regular Dude-Free Thursday thing and what fun that could be: blahblahblahlalalalalafrolickwithunicornsandfaeries

Instead my morning started with Chonky (and I) spending a couple of hours back and forth on the phone with her “father”, the Senior Care Provider Company, LLC™ and the property manager of the habitat in which he is “wintering” His Most Pescious-almost-100-year-old buttocks,  trying to set everyone straight on basic issues that have already been covered about 14 times since November. There are a total of six grown women who *look out* for him there in varying capacities, but not counting the women who clean his apartment, serve him at the restaurant, etc., and all of them are questioning themselves and us (the two women who make sure that the bills are paid!) because HE told them something different.

And, today, I am reminded just how much male-centric mental infrastructure can still inspire me to infuriation.  So much so that it sort of sucked the lalalalala right out of me and this entire Dude-Free Thursday.

In the meantime please see Undercover Punk’s latest post as it dovetails ever so nicely with the separatist/”revolution”/resolution discussion-at-large and I personally give it:

Two Sisters Up! (OO)



2 thoughts on “Not-So Dude-Free Thursday

  1. Oh, another piece of news today is that I have been accused of “stalking” the owner of a public blog because I reminded her of some not-so-feminist words she submitted right here on my public blog. Publicly. 😦

  2. Sargasso — I read that whole thing with dismay. Don’t say that “not being nice” is harmful to the liberation of women and then (a) be pretty nasty yourself to another woman, publicly and (b) imply that when women aren’t “nice,” it’s because they have emotional / psychological issues. Not the first time I’ve read this sort of stuff there, but certainly the worst. Oh and (c) don’t make exceptions for yourself.

    As I see it, a major disconnect between radical feminists, proto-radical feminists and other women (including liberal feminists) is that a radical feminist’s analytical criticism of something is taken so very personally by other women, who feel it on a deeply emotional level and perceive it as being personal criticism or tearing down of their *selves.* The PIV discussion is but one example of this. Whenever it comes up around the interwebz, it turns into “the lesbians are mean to hets!” even though, very often IME, it is heterosexual women who are advancing the PIV discussion and asking other women to really think about it and ponder it’s larger cultural and historical context.

    Another example of this is when women advance ideas, opinions, issues on their blogs and then getting incredibly angry or upset when their opinions are challenged by radical feminists. I’ve seen it several times where the challenge is posed in a civil, respectful way and taken by the blogger and similar thinking readers as a hostile criticism and “really mean.” I know that it is often part of our human nature that we want to be reinforced and told we are right on; it’s not something limited to this subject area at all.

    I’m supposing this is a result of the choosy choice conception of “what feminism is.” If “feminism” is “every woman making her own choice,” even when that choice has demonstrable harm to herself or others, then criticism of those choices (and what goes into the decision making) can easily be seen as a personal attack or “not being nice.”

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