I Quit

Just had enough of all the petty bullshit.

Have a Happy Solstice and a Serene New Year.



6 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. Mercury retrograde will be over 1st of Jan.

    I wish you, too, a Happy Solstice and a Serene New Year.


  2. I hope you will be back. Sorry for my part in the drama that upset you.
    Wishing you a blessed Solstice and New Year.

    lol the mercury retrograde

  3. 😦 😦 I Am sad you’re leaving but I hear ya though.. Good for you for taking care of yourself!!
    BTW, did you find out if you’re going to that training? I am off to check my blog email, Haven’t done that in a while!

  4. Well, maybe I’ll wait around until after Mercury takes a flying leap! 😛 (I haven’t emailed you yet AC! I keep meaning to but then I just haven’t – soon though, really.)

    I’m fine, just tired of the same old shit from the same old quarters. Wevs.

    Gallus, there’s no need to fret your role. You had every right to say what you did and I’m glad I was able to see it.

  5. One thing that’s helped me is to be clear that I’m not writing for some “Judean People’s Front” who are ever parsing hierarchies and purity tests. Who wants to write for a bickering echo chamber that values obedience, conformity and hierarchy over creativity and diversity? I don’t. Do I want to write for naval-gazing upper class academics? No. Do I want to be a member of an internet subculture? No. Do I want to reach out to a broad readership in an effort to offer radical feminist ideas to people who may really be happy to be exposed to them? Whose lives may actually be enriched by the experience? Do I want to be patient with new readers and meet them halfway when they are struggling to process new ways of thinking? Do I want women who don’t have good english or writing skills or who aren’t of high education to feel comfortable speaking up? Do I want to reach a wider culture than the current members of the Judean People’s Front?
    Yes, yes, yes yes and yes.
    Dunno if that helps- or even relates- to what you are working with but it’s what comes to mind. That’s what keeps me going.
    Anyways, happy New Year!

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