So sad.


This is so sad. Plenty of women but the perverts have to do this to little kids. My heart goes out to this family.
Comment on a news story from CNN recounting the discovery of a “missing” 7 year old Georgia girl’s body in a dumpster at her apartment complex.  Although her autopsy is pending, it was obvious to the naked eye that she had been violently sexually assaulted.

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  1. Yeah, sometimes the comments are as sickening as the story. Or take you into a whole new dimension of sickening. 😦

  2. This same commenter, “anoldbird”, went on to complain about Child Protective Services *stealing* kids although I have no idea what CPS had to do with this, if anything. I despise the smell of MRA in the morning.

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  4. I’ve just read that CPS took the other children into custody “for alleged lack of supervision”. So there’s that.

    It’s too bad that there are not better services in place for this type of situation. The other kids need to be taken elsewhere because we all know that the vast majority perpetrators are in the family/friend circle and what other time are there MORE family/friends hanging about than when a child goes missing/murdered? They are at extreme risk from the same and/or other predators in their midst especially when *mom* is stretched about as thin as she’s ever been in her life.

  5. Yeah I guess so, Dave. Really sometimes the truth just slips out. Or maybe they were coming from the *prostitution curbs rape* angle?

    (how have I been missing your new posts?!)

  6. At my sex trafficking training the other day, Dr. Celia Williamson stated that the reason they have had to focus on the trafficking of children, and call it “sex trafficking” instead of prostitution- is because when people hear about the plight of adult female prostitutes, they don’t give a shit.

    The money she raises for the children in her program has to be funneled to the women’s program also, because they make no money for the women trying to escape prostitution.

    This comment reminds me of that. Destroying a woman is an ok sacrifice in this society.

  7. Thanks for that AC. The politics of raising money to help women can be so… demoralizing.

    Yes, it’s bad when this happens to “kids” but most of those kids are girls and those girls grow up to be women who have been groomed since they were kids to be for *sex*. If they are not murdered or suicide or self-harm into oblivion before then, that is.

    Of course we know that “kids” is code for It happens to teh boyz tooooo!!1! And it wouldn’t matter if there was 1 boy to millions of girls and women, it’d still be about the boy. 😦

  8. Yep, and the brochure they passed around was an ICE agent saving a little boy.. Go fuckin’ figure. The whole PR campaign is basically saying “care about this issue because it happens to boys too”

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