Marty Ingels Hates Me (and you, too)

Almost exactly 23 years ago I was on the set of my first paying film gig when Marty Ingels said something so crude and sexist and unnecessary to me that I turned on him and instinctively cut the little fucker off at the knees using nothing but my righteous vocabulary in combo with my scary-calm voice and demeanor.

Yes, me. I have a way of doing that. Occasionally I get sent to the principal’s office, other times I get fired, but not that time.

I don’t remember what he said and I don’t remember what I said either, but I do remember his stunned speechlessness and a low murmur of approval from both cast and crew. This is what we call a “radical act”.  Also, dissociation in practice…

Anyway, I‘m here to tell you, the man who has been sucking the life out of Shirley (Partridge Family) Jones since 1977 hates women.


6 thoughts on “Marty Ingels Hates Me (and you, too)

  1. Believe it or not, the dialogue is actually quite good, sister-wise. It’s just the tin that bites.

    Did I mention that Marty (ima *playboy*) Ingels is a dick?

  2. If I recall, you shared his fuck-face behavior with me a long time ago.

    He (Marty mayhem) invited you out on his private boat for a “party”.

  3. Hi Holly. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    I wish I could TEACH IT! And not because I’d want to make a million bucks off of it (although donations would, of course, be appreciated…) but because it’s a highly valuable tool. Too bad it doesn’t come with an operator’s manual and an on/off switch!

  4. Oh, hey Chonky, you’re mixing Marty (the prick) Ingels with some other fine 3rd rate thespian asshole who tried to slime me.

    His schtick was that he took “at-risk youth” out on his yacht to teach them about sailing (because, you know, these at-risk youth need some kind of job skillz don’t they?!) like I was supposed to get all gushy about what a swell fella he is! **stars in eyes** Instead, I was all: Riiiight, man. Like I haven’t heard THAT one before! (Ya’ creepy ‘ol perv.)

    I can’t remember his name though. Menopuase brain.

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