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It was Vliet Tiptree’s recent guest post at radfem HUB, a post which I found speaking to me in a very inspiring, affirming and forward-thinking way (and which also spurred a most productive discussion thread), that led me to ponder “Resolution“ as a word to perhaps better describe what good this Radical Wave could begin to build for the future of girls and women and our planet.

Resolution. It is a practical word and it’s rich in meaning. It sounds oh-so familiar to the ear, but not a thing like the much romanticized brother word, Revolution.

Revolution, that thing that keeps happening over and over and over again when men decide other men have more than their share and that the “balance” has tipped too far; the time during which women and girls bear the brunt of the violence and privation that comes when Power is redistributed amongst men.

We, as women and girls who look toward a future when Power is simply antiquated, would be wise to eschew this brother word.

Our sister word, Resolution, is made steadfast by coming to a place of real balance in clarity and agreement. Resolution can not exist without each individual, definite, contributing to the whole and the whole can not exist without these parts, as simple as it seems.

Resolution is, and must be, symphonic.

This is why some of us MUST operate within the male Owner/Operator system we make do with here and now to keep making the progress we do make, and some more of us MUST also do the “shoring up” we are compelled to do, and towards this end we embrace the work of any and all women who do whatever it may be they do to help girls and women from moment-to-moment, every day of the week, because honestly, life here and now for us is an endless stint in triage.


This is also why some of us MUST plan for the future by envisioning it with a pragmatic stance for the near-term in order to begin to build the base for the Movements to come, as a cascade to reclaim and renew and found womyn’s spaces unequivocally, to proclaim our membership in the rapidly declining Global 51% in simple and obvious ways, to develop a network of New Wom_n’s Keeps which resolutely declare their non-acceptance of the status-quo in any way shape or form and to model for our younger sisters a way in which to effect a Resolution for Female Freedom.


5 thoughts on “About “Resolution”

  1. Nice post, nice.

    I think you highlight well that we have to deal with the here and now, whilst planning for the future, rather than just a few of us escaping and living in the future world.
    And yeah, totally, all the male ‘revolutions’ are about reshuffling the power among themselves – and in each and every one, women will be screwed over yet again.

  2. Beautifully put, both you and Fab.

    Oh yes, power is just reshuffled between tyrants, little changes at all, especially the fact that nothing men ever create is sustainable (unless they are non-PIV having dudes).

  3. Yes, I agree, great post. The first time I heard of this idea was when I (forgive me, about to paraphrase a dude!) read Zinn say that it’s reasonable to work for the present and the future.

    I ran into a conflict with this concept recently too. I found this woman-owned business that I was really excited about but all the workers are men. It’s still better than the alternatives but it really grates on me that for the actual work I’ll have to be around a bunch of men and a bunch of men will be receiving paychecks. Grrr.

  4. Interestingly enough, just yesterday I had a convo with 2 ladies about women owned business and they were shocked! I tell ya shocked! when they learned that most WOB are a ruse.

    At least in governmental contracts, a WOB had to perform functions x, y and z in order to qualify for set aside contracts for women owned business. Most business are not checked out for their companies veracity of information given.

    Many doods put the business in their wife’s name and are able to bid and get extremely lucrative contracts. I have seen with my 4 eyes amazing real lady contractors get screwed time and time again because the the government has not done their homework to protect the legitimacy of what was a wonderful program to even the playing field.

  5. Frankly, I’m just kind of blown away that there is any question about “what is a radical act” and that there would be any confusion about it being OBVIOUS that we need to work it here-and-now and design those acts to be *bullet proof* foundation material for the future we envision.

    The trick, though, is to have a very firm idea of what that future IS; what is the ultimate goal? And then describe it in one sentence so everywom_n can relate (resonate) and want to get herself some too!

    Like, think in terms of Punk’s post about the FBI reporting guidelines for rape and *sexual assault*: if we all agreed to make a concerted effort to go after that, Team Legal, Team Media, Team Activists, etc. in order to get it changed and nailed down with as much of OUR wording as possible (have I mentioned that my mom was a lobbyist?!) then we would have a solid Federal precedent to effect other change in any number of other areas that *intersect* with rape like counseling/social services/descrimination just off the top of my head.

    Granted, trying to change stuff at the Federal level is TOUGH, but I am beginning to think that we could pull it off…

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