“Who needs 911 if you can do what she can?”

Introduces the following video at the young radfem’s blog where I first saw it and is reproduced with permission:


9 thoughts on ““Who needs 911 if you can do what she can?”

  1. And here is one of the comments I made (complete with typo!):

    Also, being your mother and all, I’m sure that you are aware that the majority of contact girls have with pedophiles is usually in their own home and/or within the extended family and friends circle and NOT *creepy overcoat stranger guys*.

    But if they had portrayed hime as *nice next door neighbor/dad/brother/grandpa/uncle guy* then people would have been confused.

    So obviously not telling the whole truth, even symbolically, is part of what continues to drive the myth that pedophiles are *some other guy*.

    /lecture 🙂

  2. Since I’m here . . .

    Very true. But you must remember that this “music” is made by a dude and I doubt that he would make a video with that point. But, hey, Alien!

  3. The MRA type foolishness will be shouting “ENTRAPMENT”!

    Anyhow, this is one great video. Superb music, great lighting. It took more than 1.99 to produce.

  4. It is indeed the work of Ms. Kid. (her comment above was in mod!)

    Yeah, it’s a pretty nice vid and it’s just so damn nice to see a girl kicking some perv ass. Warms the very cockles I tell ya!

  5. Well Smash, it’s a good thing that my Lectures are so popular seeing as how I’m on a roll these past few days! 😉

    BTW – this post is getting tons of hits. The Kid strikes again!

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