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Menopause is really proving to be a bad trip which is no surprise really given my HERstory. My cycles had always been regular, right at about 21 days, and I always bled very heavily. Like a lot of other women, when I started my period (seemingly every time I turned around!) I would have terrible nausea along with sometimes debilitating cramps. When I was pregnant, that same hormone-driven nausea contributed heavily to my decision to terminate the first time, almost killed me the second time, and hospitalized me for the first time in my life the third. In any case, I no longer have my uterus (very early stage HPV-induced cervical cancer) but my ovaries are still there transitioning me into the Season of the Crone, if you will. For me, it is a bilious process.

Recently I had to take care of some unexpected *family emergency* business a couple of states away. It was shocking! After not having been there for a few months in a row, I could literally TASTE the toxicity of the place; a malaise of petrochemicals, concrete dust and polluted river. Of course I had always known it was there, but after having been out in the country where I can just, well, breathe, and be able to smell our neighbors’ cows (east wind), wildflowers (south wind in summer), pine from the north and water on the west, I’m reminded just how drastically my nausea is improved/worsened by the quality of the air I breathe. It literally makes the difference between being functional and feeling like unadulterated crap. My usual, manageable nausea was exacerbated beyond all control there and I suffered it. Badly.

All I could think about was Fresh Air. Fresh air made it possible for me to knit The Kid (our one and only daughter) without *intervention* for the fourth and fifth months and that it was fresh air in wom_n’s space made it that much more affirming and sweet.




Just like wom_n’s space, there isn’t much of it left.



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  1. I love your ode to fresh air. It reminds me of breathing in the mountains. Also, the silence up there is felt. It’s like knowing someone else is in the room. Ahh mountains!

    Best of luck as you transition to the “Season of the Crone” (love that phrasing).

  2. I love wom_n’s space, fresh air (crikey, do i ever!) , and being post-menopausal.

    And not feeling nauseous.

    Is there some physiological cause for the nauseous feelings? Can it be treated?

  3. I noticed the same lack of fresh air with London. I didn’t notice when I lived there, just got used to it. But visiting it now, I can hardly breathe.

    Not to brag, but my menopause only covered about two years in all. I had quite a sudden premature one (from lack of proper medical intervention a year or two before). I had heavier and longer periods for about six months, then no more periods. After that were the hot flushes/flashes and the night sweats, I used to be drenched. But it all settled down after a while. Those little battery hand fans are a good thing, you must carry one! Anyway, glad I stopped menstruating, had so many decades of crap with it, it is a relief not to have them any more.

  4. Is there some physiological cause for the nauseous feelings? Can it be treated?

    Ha! When I first read that I saw “psychological”! Well, Freud certainly thought so didn’t he?!

    But I’m thoroughly convinced that it is simply an *imbalance* of my personal hormone cocktail, like I got the moonshine instead of the top shelf stuff. I should think that if women had their own lab spaces and their own freedom of thought that we’d have these sort of silly (life threatening!) annoyances figured out fairly easily.

    And of course I’m talking about a holistic approach here; little of this, little of that. In my case, I use an herbal remedy in conjunction with the beautiful air but it has some side effects which can be fun if you own a lava lamp but don’t also have 800 different things to think about every day. So I am waiting for the day that those farmers are free to refine their product line to include the *side-effect free* Nausea Slayer but Big Pharm ain’t gunna have none a’ that. Also, when I was a very young woman I did use self-hypnosis/meditation to sort of *guide* my cramps and that worked great but it took an hour or more!

  5. As for “bragging”, have at it Ms. Squirrel! I remember you mentioning something somewhere recently about FOUR abdominal surgeries so that must *make up for* your reletively easy menopause…

    When I was a little kid in East Los Angeles in 1970 there were Smog Days (just like Snow Days) when kids stayed home from school and parents were encouraged to stay home too if at all possible because the pollution was literally so bad that a person could not see the houses across the street and everything outside would be covered in powdery soot afterwards.

    It wasn’t long after that (December 3rd 1970 to be exact) that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) began operation and those Smog Days became obsolete rather rapidly, all things considered. Of course these days the EPA is basically a joke seeing as how all these corporations are so good at regulating themselves. NOT!

  6. Hey Smash! I missed you somehow in mod, but you’re free from this point forward! 😛

    “Season”, yes. I felt an immediate affinity for the concept (being a Virgo and tending quite a bit toward *earth mother* thing, I guess) when I first encountered it in the ex-fundamentalist women’s vernacular at No Longer Quivering.

    Are you familiar with NLQ?

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