Hello Again!

Okay, so here’s my new fully accessible blog with an eye towards our radical feminist future. My previous blog, Radical Feminist Family (now deleted but still in my hard drive should any of its commenters like access to their words) was born in the same vein, but I felt like it wasn’t really broad enough to be sustainable.

Radical Resolution came about some 3 hours after I had firmly decided not to have a blog at all and just stick to my usual endless reading and occasional commenting! But, you know, I really do feel that I have something to add as far as *populist feminist strategy* goes; I’ve been what’s called a Lesbian Separatist on a sort of sliding scale, depending on how many males I have to deal with at any given point with my personal Utopian Goal being 100% male free, for coming up on 20 years now.

Until then, I continue to focus my energy on females while effortlessly denying it to as many males as is possible.

In harmony,



9 thoughts on “Hello Again!

  1. It can be quite the process to get from being-it to finding-the-others-who-are-being-it and what-it-is-that-they-call-themselves. Rather miraculous, altogether.

  2. But Squirrel, it’s work-time for your kind in the Northern Hemisphere! Are you trying to claim Special Snowflakiness?!

    Blogroll would be lovely, dahlink. I had intended to load mine up today so I shall reciprocate 🙂

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